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Fnadz Technology was established in 2015. We are  hardware and software developer. We are embracing technology to empower businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity in order to gain higher profit.

We have  multi talents under one roof to enable advance application.Our main vision is to be a leader in technology innovation. We believes that core innovation in life can create a better world.

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We are competent solution provider
Feature Projects
  • AgroX

    AgroX was designed to empower agriculture with digital industry. It is an advance intelligent plantation automation system. It was develop with highly advance technology in order to create high quality of plant and make Malaysia as one of competitive importer in south east Asia.

     With a minimum number of sensors module integrated with multiple parameters detection such as temperature, humidity, ph, EC, moisture, rain detection, and vibration we can able to monitor and control all type of soil variables. Each sensor module will be located in every 250 meter.

    With our advance analytic by combining all sensor parameters and weather forecast data API we can provide an accurate data computation of plant environment through fog computing technology. The sensor module use hybrid communication stack which is LoRaWAN as the core stack and supported with Wifi and Bluetooth for ubiquitous communication.

    The analytic data will generate an autonomous decision for the system whether to initiate irrigation actuator, switch on the fertilizer system, start autonomous drone system for further farm monitoring or provide alarm to the farmers or manager to alert any plantation issues. All available data and actuator can be monitored and controlled through web user interface and mobile application. An autonomous drone system with the implementation of
    advance machine learning will be use to monitor the growth, detect the plant disease, predict the pesticide concentration and estimate the yield production of ginger plant.

    Therefore, with a smart analytic system with multiple data combination , platform are able to monitor power energy consumption, predict the loses, estimate accurate yield production, create advance plant management, estimate market value through yield production and plan logistic and supply chain . Thus all data can
    be linked to SAP ERP for advance plant management

  • Zarn Network

    Zarn-network is an advance telematics and analytic IOT platform which is designed to developer, researcher and device provider. If provides simple device integration with  OTA firmware update, introducing to flexible protocol such as LoraWAN, Coap, Mqtt, Http and more for your seemless business application.

    If you want several platforms (BI, ERP, fleet management, etc.) to consume data from your devices for further use, fork the dataflow across multiple streams and customize connectivity options for each destination. Comprehensive REST API empowers you to manage all components and data transfers inside zarn from a third-party app. REST API, even though not so almighty, offers fast and secure access to device messages, logs, connection info, etc.

  • CnX

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